Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Short Shorts and other extreme swimwear designs for men.

The beaches of Australia have always been home to the cutting edge in both men's and women's swimwear fashions. Tiny bikinis, string bikinis, Brazilian swimsuits, thongs, micro shorts and some much more are standard attire for both sexes. Men's swimwear Australia is known for being some of the best beaches on the planet to get a great tan wearing as little as possible. The men are proud of their bodies and feel no need to hide them. Wearing tiny bikinis, thongs and G-strings is a fast growing trend in the USA but it would be considered mainstream in Australia. You still see board shorts and Speedos on the beach but there is no doubt that the hippest beaches and hottest pool parties all sport lots of men wearing extremely sexy swimwear.

Men's Swimwear Australia

The hot designs for down under.

Your link to amazing and extreme swimwear for men. From hot short shorts to the smallest pouch only swimsuits on the planet and just about everything in between.